From Big Spring to the Big D

Welcome back to the ongoing documentation of Stampede 66.

First off, we received a comment on our last post: “How did you come up with the name Stampede 66?”

Great question. The number 66 comes from my family’s restaurant that I grew up in, The Big Spring-Phillips 66 Truck Stop Café. It was on the old Highway 80 that ran through every little town in West Texas before Interstate 20 bypassed them all, drying up much of the local economies. I can still hear Tammy Wynette and Faron Young wailing from the jukebox, and envision the sweet, southern-accented waitresses with beehive hair-dos who called me “Mr. Stevie.”

“The Stampede” is a famous West Texas dance hall in Big Spring that was opened in 1954 by the legendary country western musician, Hoyle Nix, and is still going strong some 58 years later! “Hoyle Nix and his West Texas Cowboys” played for decades at the Stampede until his son, Jody, took over the reins. Hoyle’s song, “A Big Ball in Cowtown”, is still played on radio stations across the nation and has been recorded by Bob Wills, George Strait and Asleep at the Wheel. We are currently planning to have “Jody Nix and the Texas Cowboys” play at the grand opening in early October. Dust off your swing- dancing Luccheses!

And to fully incorporate the stampede theme, I’ve designed longhorns, in stampeding motion, to be suspended over the bar. OK, and yes, I hope the place is “stampeded” by folks wanting good Texas food and drink.

Many of you will remember Star Canyon, my popular Texas-themed restaurant in the 1990s. While Star Canyon is the inspiration for Stampede 66, it will by no means be a simple replication of that concept. Much has changed in the ensuing years – lighting, technology and cooking equipment and styles.

This area will house a picnic-style seating area under a wood-clad shed with a reclaimed corrugated sheet metal roof. Looking out from there, you see three rectangular openings that will house TV monitors above horse-shoe shaped banquettes. From all appearances, you will be peering out windows as you watch wild horses running by from pane to pane.

This area will be the Margarita & Taco Bar, which will produce several takes on the classic margarita, including my original from Star Canyon, the Cactus Pear Margarita. Expect the unexpected – a hot and cold margarita – the base frozen with liquid nitrogen and topped with warm passion fruit “bubbles”. These tequila marvels will be the perfect accompaniments to our tacos which will be composed from house-made nixtamal.

[First day of construction with Granite Properties, Duncan-Miller Design and Southlake Construction]

Stay tuned!

(edited: February 11, 2013 at 10:53am)

Content provided in part by New Digital Strategies.

Photography by Brilliant Pixel Photography.


5 thoughts on “From Big Spring to the Big D

  1. Home is where the heart is…….The Stampede also serves as my FB page banner. There are lots of great moments boot scooting at the Stampede with the Jody Nicks band. In fact, I have all his CDs. It must really be exciting to create a new location and apply your special abilities and skills. It has been entirely too long since we’ve seen each other. One of these days I hope to make it to Dallas again and maybe you’ll be in the kitchen again like once before. Until then, take care of yourself Big Brother!

  2. I remember eating steak & eggs @ the “66” after a night of dancing At the Stampede with Hoyle & Ben. Jody was 12 years old & playing drums at that time. I worked @ Hull-Phillips grocery on the Lamesa Hwy with Austin Pyles. Wasn’t he your father?
    Larry Hood

  3. Hi Stephan! LOVE your food! I have thoroughly enjoyed your creations over the years. Although of course I knew who you were, it somehow never came to my attention that you are from my hometown of Big Spring, Texas as well! Wow! What an inspiration! I never stepped foot in The Stampede but remember it very well. What a blast from the past! Here’s to you! I wish you even more future success! Prost!

  4. oh my word I found this blogpost because I am doing research for my new book, a history of honky tonk. I am looking for information on hoyle nix as well as jody nix. your blogpost about the stampede inspiration is wonderful! and YES I remember Star Canyon. I lived in Dallas when it opened and we all loved it. Am in ATX now so look forward to visiting Stampede 66 soon, menu looks fantastic. CHEERS

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